The Best Moustache Mesh Office Chair of 2019 That Will Innovate Your Home Office

ergo Chair Office Buying Guide

Recent studies have shown that there is an immense cost to a sedentary lifestyle that cannot be easily undone, even with exercise. Muscle and bone health is compromised by many long hours seated at a desk, and a sedentary lifestyle has been associated with health risks including obesity. Those who do not stay active and stay seated for many hours at a time have a shortened life expectancy.

Maintain Healthy Habits

In an era when more and more Canadians are turning to freelancing and remote working to balance home, family, and career, the risks of staying seated have never been more important. While work is important and your laptop necessary, there are certainly small steps you can take to ensure good, lifelong health is maintained.

If you’re a work-from-home millennial, it can be tempting to work from bed in your pajamas, but statistics show it’s not the healthiest choice. On the contrary, it’s good to get up and moving—typically, at least once an hour, so that you can get your body re-energized and your brain refocused.

You may mistakenly believe that the most successful people stay glued to their devices all day long, putting in extensive hours and sacrificing sleep. The exact opposite is true. Workaholic is deadly; productivity is actually increased when remote workers and self-employed entrepreneurs take time for themselves during the day.

Select a Good Office Chair

One of the best investments you can make in your health and your business is a sturdy, ergonomically sound home office chair. A quality office chair should last for many years, and provide the crucial back support that every sedentary worker needs for long days in front of a screen. Particularly when paired with an excellent desk, a good office chair can significantly improve your work habits and physical health.

How do you choose an office chair? If you have never given much consideration to your office chair before, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the many different options available to you. There are a multitude of designs, brands, and styles that all claim to provide lumbar support and everyday comfort, but which chairs are actually the best?

Mesh Office Chair Guide

Experts suggest consulting a mesh office chair guide and purchasing one of these styles if you are a student, entrepreneur, or home office worker on a budget. The Amazon Office Essentials Mesh Back Swivel Desk Chair is ranked as one of the best in affordability and quality-price ratio.

Though Amazon warns against sitting in this chair for eight hours straight, if your job requires four or five hours in front of a screen, this is a good option.

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