Moustache brand saves money for customers

Moustache Brand Product

The e-retailer brand, Moustache was started because a young student felt the pain we all feel as consumers when we believe we are paying too much for something.  But unlike most people.  He decided to do something about.  He started a company that would offer cheaper alternatives for toner and ink cartridges, and whose products would be as reliable as the branded products that were already available in the market.  The aim was to ensure that consumers save money.  The people in Moustache know that money saved is money earned for consumers. 

Moustache’s niche – compatible ink and toner cartridges – is the category of cartridges that are manufactured by other manufacturers different from the manufacturer of the printer (also known as the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM).  And with the Moustache brand of compatible cartridges, you are getting the same reliability and quality as the OEM brands but at a significantly cheaper cost. 

Why Choose Moustache Brand Products

Moustache has also grown its product selection to include office supplies.  The Moustache office supplies include writing materials, paper, and stationeries, post-it notes and computer accessories.  Like the moustache ink and moustache toner cartridges, the office supplies come at very affordable prices to save consumers money.  The moustache brand of products is exclusively available online from  And the website gives free delivery for any orders above $49 dollars within Canada.  With warehouses on the east and west coast, delivery within two days in any location within mainland Canada is guaranteed.     

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