How Moustache’s Mesh Office Chair Revolutionize Your Work Health

How to Choose an Ergonomics Office Chair

In the market for a new office chair? Find your current chair leaves you feeling hot and achy at the end of the workday? Ever consider breaking away from the generic leather or cloth covered office chair and instead of sitting in comfort in the form of a mesh chair?

If you haven’t heard of a mesh office chair, then we are going to break it down into detail below. Our focus will be on the highly rated Moustache Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms, High Back in Black. Sold exclusively by; this office chair offers multiple benefits without the expensive price tag of a home ergonomic chair. With free shopping on orders over $49.99, this Canadian owned and operated website is becoming the first-place consumers start when looking for office supplies from computer paper to printer cartridges to file folders to furniture.

The Moustache Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms and High Back

Mesh Office Chair

The Moustache mesh office chair is a new spin on the typical office chair you would see in the workplace. Normally, an office chair is covered with a material that is heat retaining (such as cotton or cloth), which can definitely be uncomfortable during summer months as your core body temperature rises. Once that happens, heat is trapped between the back of the chair and yourself; leaving you sweaty and frustrated.

Fixed Arms

The fixed arms of the Moustache mesh office chair allow the user to reduce the amount of arm fatigue that can be felt after maintaining the proper typing position for long periods of time. It also supports the arms as they hold the position, as without fixed arms; the strain can cause backaches and neck muscle spasms.

High Back

The addition of a high back supports the body and the spine in the correct positions for healthy blood circulation and spinal alignment. This is a key feature when searching to buy the perfect mesh office chair, or any office chair, as you will be spending long periods of time in the same position without much room for movement.

Contour Seat

The seat of this mesh office chair is not only curved to cradle the bottom of the body but it also features a series of interconnecting foam layers to increase the amount of cushioning. Using more than one layer of foam in the construction of the seat allows for prolonged usage without the cushions becoming squat together.

Adjustable Controls

The Moustache mesh office chair has multiple adjustable controls or features to further provide comfort to the user. The tilt angle of the contoured seat can be controlled to best suit your individual body type. The height of the chair itself is also adjustable to best suit leg length. While the arms are fixed in place, the ability to change the tilt of the chair allows for a comfortable position that also promotes correct posture and proper spinal alignment.


Lightning fast shipping, guaranteed orders, and an excellent rating for customer service, it is no wonder that more people are looking to buy mesh office chairs through They also offer free shipping on any orders that cost over $49.00 for additional savings.

When you have to spend long periods of time every single day in the same chair without much chance for movement, you want to buy a mesh chair that will support the body while avoiding the sacrifice of any comfort.

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