How Moustache is Changing the Canadian Way of Life

Moustache Office Supplies Bag Chair

Over the past decade, Canadians have become increasingly self-reliant, with the gig economy and self-employment raising by a significant degree in the past few years. According to The Financial Post, experts think that 45% of workers in the Great White North will be self-employed by 2020.

With the numbers telling an interesting story about the way our country’s economy is headed, it makes sense that plenty of office supply retailers and manufacturers are considering how to better serve the average home office worker, who has more freedom to get up and moving throughout the day.

One brand in particular, the all-Canadian Moustache, is a slick, modern office supply company known for its affordable ink cartridges, great customer service, and adorably memorable logo. Moustache is not only making office supply shopping fun again—they’re doing their part to keep Canadians active, productive, and happy.

Paving the Way for a Better Future

Although not everyone in Canada is self-employed, many millennials work in offices with a slightly more lax approach to work. Having the freedom to work from home, build your own schedule, or simply get up and take a leisurely walk around your office has been shown to increase productivity, eliminate stress, and boost morale.

In the past, Canadian office workers have typically worked Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5, with only a few short breaks. The result was an overworked, highly sedentary, depressed and anxious post-grad culture. In order to combat high levels of stress and burnout in the workplace, Moustache created an accessible, quirky brand that appealed to young adults. They have been incredibly successful at filling an unmet need.

Millennial workers are more concerned about issues such as the environment, cost-effectiveness, and ethically sourced products than their Boomer parents, which is why the founders knew they needed to provide a series of products that could save young adults money and not weigh heavily on their conscience. As a result, Moustache office supplies are strikingly different than many of their strongest competitors.

A Better Business Model

Like all good businesses, Moustache is not simply an out-of-reach brand—they present as a friend to their clientele, who choose their products over mainstream, generic competitors due to the ease of availability, low cost, and high quality. Moustache toner cartridges are stocked in a Montreal warehouse and shipped for free or no cost nationwide. More on that: The Montreal-based e-commerce site 123Ink sells compatible cartridges, including the Moustache brand, that work just as well as cartridges sold by printer manufacturers—at a fraction of the cost. Moustache ink is available in a variety of colours.

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