Four Reasons to Choose Moustache Office Supplies

Moustache Ink Toner Office Supplies

What is Moustache and why do does 123Ink like them so much? They are a Canadian brand that believes in fostering trust amongst their clients. They offer ink, toner, cartridges, stationaries, office furniture, and any other office supplies. The name comes from a literary background with the intent on being known for dignity, intelligence, and punctuality like Agatha Christie’s character, Hercule Poirot – as outlined in this feature in the Montreal Gazette.

That answers half the question, the what portion, but not the why. The why is based on four reasons to choose Moustache for your office supplies. The first reason is its reliable quality. Moustache products undergo rigorous tests and the passing requirements are strict. All products are also professionally manufactured. Moustache products are comparable to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner, giving the same high-quality product.

Moustache Ink Toner Office Supplies

The second reason to choose Moustache is their unbeatable price. Moustache printer toner is packed into compatible cartridges, which means they work with most brand name printers. The cost efficiency of Moustache office products means you save more! The Moustache Compatible LC103 black ink yields more than three times as many savings than the original equipment manufacturer product. The OEM product yields 600 pages at 5 cents per page while the Moustache product yields 600 at 1.4 cents per page.

24-hour customer care is a staple of Moustache office products and the dependability of the brand is the third reason to choose Moustache. There is a two-year guarantee with free return on all products sold on Moustache through Over 8,683 reviews, Moustache receives on average 4.5 stars out of five, making Moustache a name you can trust.

Reason four: Fast shipping. Moustache has a warehouse in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver—meaning no matter where you are across the country of Canada, you’ll get your products quickly so you can focus on what’s most important, your business and your future. Delivery is also free for orders over over $49 but it’s free to pick your supplies up from any of the warehouses in the three cities. Montreal orders are delivered within one business day, Toronto and Vancouver orders take one or two days, and the rest of Canada will take less than five business days.

There are many ways to order your Moustache office supplies. You can order online, through the live chat, or by calling 1-866-979-7463.

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