Which laser printer use the toner with the imaging drum built in?


Before we get into the weeds on the title of this blog, a little background info will provide useful information on the subsequent parts of the article.

First, you need to know that in the modern world, there are mainly two types of printers.  The type that uses inkjet cartridges known as inkjet printers and type that uses toner “ink” or toners, known as LaserJet or laser printers.  Both works to produce images and prints on paper, but do it differently.

While the inkjet printer actually uses liquid ink from the inkjet cartridges to produce their prints, the laser printers use fine powders within the toners to produce their images on paper. But the laser printers need the assistance of a photosensitive imaging drum (popularly known as the printer drum), to transfer the fine powders from the toner to the paper.

Furthermore, some laser printers have their drums and toners built in together as a single unit while others have their drums and toners built separately.  Knowing this distinction is important.  As it will affect if you need to replace the toners simultaneously with the printer drum or if you can separately replace either the toner or the printer drum.

Back to the question asked by the title of the blog. Which laser printer uses a toner with the imaging drum built in? And the short answer is it depends on the manufacturer and printer model. But currently, a good rule of thumb to follow is to know that modern laser printers from manufacturers such as HP usually come with imaging drum built in with the toner.

Other manufacturers such as Brother, have laser printers that have printer drum and the toner built separately.  But Brother also has laser printers that have the imaging drum built in with the toner. To aid your search on which printer uses which, I recommend you use the toner cartridge finder on 123ink.ca to identify the specification of printer drum/toner specification to use for a brand of printer.

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  1. Mark Walton

    Add Lexmark to those printer manufacturers that use integrated cartridges and drums. My new C3224dw is like that.


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