Where to Find the Cheapest Brother LC75 Ink Replacement

It is a common misconception that brand name printers require brand name ink replacement cartridges. The reality is slightly more complicated. Third-party remanufactured cartridges are widely available—and what’s more, retailers sell them for considerably cheaper than the manufacturer’s original price.

For this reason, plenty of people stock up on replacement cartridges, such as Brother LC75 Black Ink, from online retailers such as 123Ink.ca, where prices are low, availability is high, and shipping costs are usually nonexistent. (Shopping from a domestic retailer has its benefits.) Canadians nationwide can easily rely on third-party retailers to make all their Brother LC75 ink purchases, but shoppers are advised to do their homework first.Brother LC75 Ink

Be Aware of What You’re Getting Into
Brother LC75 Ink

Though third-party ink cartridges such as the Brother LC75 ink cartridge are inexpensive and void of unnecessarily high shipping fees, not every third-party cartridge is made equal. It is definitely important to do your research before you click “add to cart”—this is a good rule of thumb for online shopping in general, but particularly in the case of buying cheap ink.

If you’re like most office workers, students, and small business owners, you go through ink a lot more quickly than you might like. Unfortunately, some ink cartridges are simply not as good as others and, while compatible with a major inkjet printer, you will quickly find that they are simply not worth the expense of replacement.



Issues with Ink Cartridges

As in everything, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, not all cheap ink cartridges will do the trick over the long term. Occasionally, the quality of printing with a remanufactured cartridge is simply not as high as what you might expect to get with a manufacturer’s cartridge.

Printer manufacturers often warn against buying third-party for two reasons: firstly, to convince you to buy their expensive cartridges instead, and secondly, the fact that subpart print quality is such a common issue.


Who Can You Trust?

Big names are generally more trustworthy and reputable than no-name brands, even when you’re shopping for cheap ink. Established retailers, such as 123Ink.ca, typically provide reference links with more information about each product.

Reliable retailers will go out of their way to ensure every detail about a product is included in the description, and the most trustworthy companies will provide a list of compatible products alongside the description. Before you make your purchase, it might be a good idea to read the entire product description. That way, you can avoid getting caught off guard when the product arrives and isn’t what you expected.

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