Where to Find the Cheapest Brother LC103 Ink Cartridges in Canada

As you all know, after buying a new printer the most expensive component to replace is the ink and it is an ongoing cost that does not go away. That means most of you will want to find the cheapest Brother LC103 ink to save money.

One place to find Brother LC103 ink is here at 123ink.ca. We have a variety of brand name Brother ink cartridges, as well as a selection of ink in the Moustache compatible brand. The Brother LC103 ink cartridge selection range from $18.99 to $84.99, whereas our compatible Brother LC103 ink ranges from $8.99 to $24.99. That is quite the price difference. Online customer reviews rate both products to be 4 to 4.5 maple leaves out of 5. The compatible brand beats out Brother in price, however, both are comparable in quality of printouts and page yield.

You will find that 123ink.ca has some of the cheapest ink in Canada. The rest of this post will show you the Brother LC103 ink products currently have available and pricing.

Brother LC103 Ink

Brother LC103 Ink

  1. Brother LC103 Original Black Ink Cartridge – Genuine Product from Brother – High Yield – $28.99
  2. Brother LC103 Color Ink Cartridges – Genuine Product from Brother – Magenta, Yellow or Cyan – High Yield – $18.99
  3. Brother LC1033PKS Original Color Ink Cartridge Combo High Yield Cyan, Magenta and Yellow – Genuine Product from Brother – $44.99
  4. Brother LC103 Original Ink Cartridge Combo High Yield Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow – Genuine Product from Brother – $84.99

Compatible Brother LC103 Ink

  1. Brother LC103 Compatible Black Ink Cartridge High Yield – Moustache® – 1/Pack for $8.99 or 3/Pack for $24.99
  • This compatible cartridge is a smaller size than the original due to its patent, but still contains the same amount of ink and page yield.
  • Magenta, yellow and cyan all come in a 1-pack for $8.99 as well. There is also a 3/pack for $24.99, just like the black ink.
  1. Brother LC103 Compatible Ink Cartridge Combo High Yield BK/C/M/Y – 4/Pack – Moustache® – $24.99
  • Newest chip. Will work on all printers that use LC103 cartridges.
  1. Brother LC103 Compatible Ink Cartridge Combo BK/C/M/Y – Economical Box – High Yield – $12.99
  2. Brother LC1033PKS Compatible Ink Cartridge Combo C/M/Y High Yield – Moustache® – $18.99

Once again, the compatible ink beats out the brand name ink in price. By purchasing ink from 123ink.ca, you ensure the savings go back into your wallet.


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