What should I do with my old printer after I get a new one?

We all get to that point, the printer we have grown attached to needs to be replaced. This might be because it is no longer working, or if working, no longer working to optimal levels.  So we are left with no other choice but to get a new printer. But what to do with the old printer now becomes pertinent.

You actually can choose from several options, and most of these options are environmentally friendly.  There is the option of recycling it, shops such as Best buy and staples and HP offer options on recycling old printers. And depending on the state of the printer might even pay for it.

Another option to consider, are local organizations that offer buyback and trade-in options for functional old printers.  Some of them might not trade directly for cash but offer tradeable vouchers for the printers.  The trade in option is also similar to the options of disassembling the printer to component parts and selling the parts individually, but you will need to be technically skilled to adopt this option.

The option of donating the old printer (if still functional) is another viable option.  One man’s waste is another man’s useful artifact. There are a lot of organizations that still find it useful to use non-optimized computer accessories such as printers, they range from charity organizations to nonprofit agencies.

The least recommended option is to dump the old printer in the landfill or waste bin.  This is the least environmentally friendly option as it leads to the land being contaminated when millions of e-waste end up in the landfill.  It is best to check the local bylaws guiding the dumping of waste to confirm if this option is available in your area.

There is also the option of buying high-quality printers that have a long operational working life to reduce the frequency of changing printers.  On 123ink.ca, you get high-quality printers like the Brother MFC-9130CW Wireless All-In-One Color Laser Printer going for $339.99 or the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw All-In-One Monochrome Laser Printer (F6W15A) that is going for $528.99.  With printers like these, you reduce the need to buy another printer in the short term.

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