What are the Benefits of a Kneeling Chair?

We have discussed the importance of posture, movement and ergonomically designed chairs in past posts. This post is similar in topic, however, featuring a new product. Ever hear of a kneeling chair? It is a chair that has a thick padded foam seat and knee pad. The knee platform provides comfort for those working at a desk for an extended period. It also has a manual height adjustment, which would work well with an adjustable or non-adjustable height desk.

“Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand-new Ergonomic Kneeling Chair. It eases the hips forward and encourages an upright posture by aligning back, shoulders and neck to relieve strain on lumbar muscles. This contemporary block chair design is refined and stylish but will last the test of time. Not only are Moustache office chairs comfortable, but they also help give you a brand-new feel!”

Price: $99.99

This kneeling chair has hooded double wheel casters and is upholstered with microfiber.

The Benefits of a Kneeling Chair

Before purchasing any kneeling chair, the first research to be sure the kneeling chair meets DSE regulation standards.

Then consider these benefits of using a kneeling chair:

  1. Takes the pressure off your lower back and tailbone by putting the pressure of sitting on the gluteus maximus and thighs. This is good news for those who suffer from coccyx pain.
  2. One of the results of using a kneeling chair is that it opens the hip up. Then the open hip promotes good posture of the shoulders, spine and neck.
  3. The kneeling chair offers another tool to use in the office to encourage posture changes, rather than the common c-shaped posture obtained from sitting in a regular chair.

Ergonomic professionals encourage consumers not to sit for long periods of time. This means getting up and moving from sitting to standing – consider adding a standing desk to your office or work area to encourage more movement. Remember, it is recommended to get up and move every 30-40 minutes if you have a stationary job. Take a coffee break, walk files to a co-worker, take a bathroom break, walk down the hallway, walk the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator – do whatever it takes to move regularly.

**Please note that if you have knee problems, then ergonomic professionals do not recommend a kneeling chair for obvious reasons – it could aggravate knee your issues or make them worse.

As with any office chair, the kneeling chair is a personal choice. Buying a chair that serves you and your body is what is important. Weigh the pros and cons and make the choice that is best for you.

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