Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Footrest

The number one reason to invest in a footrest is for your health. It is not enough to purchase an ergonomically correct chair, which helps support your back, neck and core body. What about your feet and legs? This is where a footrest can fill in the gap. A footrest is designed to allow for a change of positions and to increase back and legs support. Check out our top five reasons why you need a footrest.

  1. You have the short gene. Tall folks generally do not need a footrest because they can sit, and their feet touch the floor. Whereas, shorter folks not only need them but require them especially when their feet do not touch the ground on certain chairs. Remember the best posture while sitting is for your feet to be flat on the floor, your back straight up and down, shoulders back, not slumped.
  2. Tall and medium height people benefit too from footrests. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy for everyone. Circulation problems can be aggravated if you stay in the same position for too long. Footrests allow for leg and foot movement while sitting, increasing circulation. Short, tall or medium height people benefit from footrests because improved circulation is good for everyone, not just short people.
  3. Rocking footrests change your position. If you have a footrest that allows for rocking, this can increase circulation. It also gets your feet off the hard floor.
  4. Footrests + adjustable desks = less back stress. A footrest and an adjustable desk can allow you to sit or stand; and allow you to rest one foot on the footrest while standing, yet another change of position. More variations the better for your back and circulation.
  5. Footrests increase your productivity. As stated above, footrests allow changes of positions, thus increasing your comfort. As you change positions you alleviate lower back pain, numb buttocks, feet or legs, which can increase your productivity because you may be more focused on work; not your back pain or numbness.

Do you desire more comfort when sitting in your office? Are you thinking about purchasing a footrest? Or do you want to know more? Please visit our footrest product page for more information.

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