HP 65 Ink for Printer Envy 5010

For a cheap, easy to use, all in one printer that you can connect to wirelessly or through a wired connection. That is also able to print good quality color images. If speed is also not your concern. There are few products that meet this specification better than the HP Envy 5010.  Its’ all in one functionality gives the ability to print, scan and fax with the minimum of steps.  These features are what makes it one of the most recommended printers for home and home office use.

HP ENVY 5010 Printer ink

The printer comes in at a relatively cheap price compared to other printers within its’ class. But to ensure you are spending the least amount on maintaining the printer, the replacement cartridges type selected is critical to ensuring a low cost of ownership.

HP 65 Ink

The original OEM HP standard yield HP 65 ink (or to go by its full specification, the HP 65 T0A36AN Original Black and Tri-color Ink Cartridge Combo), which contains the black ink combined with the tri-color ink is available from 123ink.ca at $32.99.  You can also obtain the original black and tri-color OEM HP high yield cartridge, the HP 65XL N9K03AN Original Tri-Color Ink Cartridge High Yield, for $38.99.  This high yield cartridges prints an average of 300 pages compared to the standard yield that prints 100 – 120 pages.  If your monthly print needs are small and limited, it is recommended you go with the standard yield HP 65 ink.

HP 65 Ink

There are also remanufactured replacement printer cartridge options available for the HP Envy 5010.  These remanufactured cartridges are made using discarded printer cartridges and are warrantied to give the same quality and reliability as the OEM original.  On 123ink.ca the remanufactured high yield back and tri-color combo option, the Remanufactured HP 65 XL Black and Color Ink Cartridge Combo are sold at $36.99.  Also available is the Remanufactured HP 65 XL Black Ink N9K04AN Cartridge High Yield that is available at $19.99.

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  1. Greg Ichshenko

    I’m sure that everyone here will be looking out for this printer because of the way that it looks. It has so many things and there is nothing that can go wrong about it too.


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