How long does it take the average highlighter to run out of ink?


Highlighters have been around for like forever.  They are very useful when we want to mark out part of a page (or all the page if you feel like it).  Also very useful as a way showing what we consider important among all the words we are looking at.  Any my special favourite is using different colors of highlighters to color code sections of wordings that assist in letting us know at a glance what each section is referring to.

As simple and easy to use as highlighters might feel, we typically overlook the fact that they will run out of ink and become dry.  So a key question that is not asked enough is; how long does it take the average highlighter to run out of ink? The simple answer is it depends. On the volume of the ink in the highlighter, and how frequently you use the highlighter.

An average highlighter will come with 10ml of ink within it, and the average ink used up for highlighting an average word length is 0.0002ml. If you do the math, this gives you 50,000 words to highlight.  This might seem a lot, but if you are a frequent highlighter, who marks 1000 words a day, it will take 50 days to run out of highlighter ink.


But this is assuming you get high-quality highlighters like the Sharpie® Accent Liquid Highlighters – Orange 215491 from that is currently on clearance sale and priced $0.99. With high-quality highlighters like these, you are sure that every drop of ink in the highlighter will be used for marking up words, and not drying up within the highlighter pen like inferior highlighters.


Other high quality highlighters from like the Staedtler® Textsurfer® Classic 364 Highlighter Pen and the Avery HI-LITER® Desk-Style Chisel Point Highlighter Pen which come in several different luminous color variants and selling for $1.99 and $0.99 respectively, also possess the key essential quality of having fast drying ink thereby ensuring no unwanted smudges are left on the paper sheets.



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