How Do You Use a Footrest? 

The important thing when using a footrest is your comfort. An adjustable footrest allows you to angle the footrest at a height that is comfortable to your body. A footrest will aid in alleviating back pain, leg fatigue and foot numbness. Whether you have a regular office desk or an adjustable desk, a footrest is easy and convenient to use.

When you receive your footrest place it in a spot beneath your desk where you can place your feet on it without stretching or straining. Rest your feet on it. Fiddle with the angle of the footrest until you find an angle that feels comfortable to you and your body. Be sure to change your chair height too, if it is necessary to improve your posture or comfort level.

If you have an adjustable desk, then you will be able to use the footrest when you sit or when you stand. Position the footrest so that you can place both feet on it when sitting. When standing you will want to position the footrest so that you can rest one foot on it while standing. You should notice less back pressure when trying this position. To change feet, simply put the footrest on the other side so you can rest your other foot.

Some footrests have a grid or textured design that allows you to massage your feet. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the footrest and allow your feet to be soothed by the pressure of your feet and legs.

In order to further improve your blood circulation, place your feet on the footrest and gently rock back and forth. This enables you to change from a completely sedentary position to one that allows you to continue to work while moving slightly.

Footrests are easy to use, help improve posture, circulation and office comfort. To learn more about footrests, read our post on Why Do You Need a Footrest and Top 5 Reasons You Need a Footrest.



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