Which Laser Printer is Better HP or Brother?

Home offices and businesses require laser printers that create quality documents and photos. The difficulty comes when it is time to purchase a printer that will meet those printing needs. Two of the most popular brands are the Brother printer and HP printer. The purpose of this post is to help you compare the features of each of these laser printer brands. It is important to note that both have printers to meet your home and office needs, the question is which one will save you time and money.

A question to ask yourself when shopping for a laser printer is what are your printing needs? Documents and photo printing are two very different things. Dots per inch, otherwise known as dpi is an important factor when considering what kind of laser printer, you need. The dpi usually ranges from 300 to 2,400. Normally, the higher the dpi, the better quality of the image is created. Another differentiation in laser printers is the ability to support a network. Is that important to your business or office? All-in-one printers allow you to scan, fax, copy and print. Depending on the Brother printer or HP printer you have your eye on, both brands have printers that feature all four of these functions.

Brother makes printers that save you money in the long-term, however, they require a bit more care with their cartridges and installation. However, their toner cartridges produce upwards of 7,000 pages! While Brother printers take longer to warm up and start to print, they do print at higher speeds.

HP also prints at quick speeds, plus they claim to use less power. In their marketing, HP has compared its printers to Brother. They have demonstrated that one HP printer can print four pages (coming out of standby mode) before its Brother counterpart is even done warming up. We are impressed!

PCWorld conducted a big consumer survey, which resulted in a wide range of scores for Brother and HP printer features. Based on this survey, Brother came out as more reliable, whereas HP was less reliable. Unfortunately, both scored low for service. Brother came out a little more ahead than HP for overall support and problem-solving. Brother owners were happier with their purchases. Since printers differ and offer a variety of features be sure to do your research and read product reviews before you buy.

Whether you purchase an HP printer or a Brother printer both brands make decent products that will suit your printing needs. Brother printers may cost more initially but are cheaper to run for the long-term, especially if your printing demand is high. Nevertheless, HP printers are easier to use, save you time and use less power. If printer features are alike, then your decision may end up being between your wallet or your time.

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