Where to look for the Writing Desks for Small Office?

Central to any small office or home office is the writing desk.  The term writing desk is a misnomer as very little writing takes place in the modern small office.  Central to modern offices on the computer either in its form as a laptop or as a desktop.  The computer is now the key element that a modern writing desk caters to, as well as the computer accessories such as printers, fax machines and the associated power and computer cabling required to make them functional.

But how the computer needs are catered to is not the only factor to consider when selecting a writing desk for the small office.  There is also the style consideration which dictates that the décor of the writing desk complement or match the surrounding or room it will be situated in.  This segues into the space consideration that has to be considered when deciding on the type of writing desk to get. Will the writing desk be required to be close to other furniture or will it be standalone?

Paying attention to space also requires the assessment of who will be using the writing desk; is a left handed or right handed person going to use the desk, our kids to use the writing desk or will it be used only by adults. Answering these questions not only directs the type of writing desk to acquire but also the type of chair to be used with the writing desk.

L-Shape Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves

123ink.ca offers L-Shape Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves from Moustache®.  This modern L-shaped corner design easily fits into the corner of a room and provides ample space for the computer and its accessories.  It also comes fitted with two storage shelves for storing various work accessories.  It is currently going for the special offer price of $89.99 which includes free shipping.

Simple Style Writing Desk

The Simple Style Writing Desk from moustache® is a masterclass in simplicity with a durable top and classic X–legs that imparts beauty to any room it is put in.  With 33% off, it is selling for $99.99 which includes free shipping within Canada.

Double Pedestal Writing Desk With 4 Storage Shelves

Also along the line of classic elegance is Double Pedestal Writing Desk with 4 Storage Shelves from Moustache®.   Like the simple writing desk, it comes with a sturdy spacious table top but has 4 storage shelves.  It is currently on offer for $109.99 which includes free shipping.

Office Writing Desk with Hutch

And for those who love the writing desk of the earlier years, the Office Writing Desk with Hutch from Moustache® recreates the feel of antique modernity with its hutch providing space to stand up books while you work on your computer.  It is also going for the special offer price of $99.99

Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves

For those looking for writing desk maximized to also cater for books, look no further than the Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves from Moustache® which easily serves as a corner desk with ample space to stack books close to a workstation. It is currently on sale for $99.99 with free shipping included.

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