What is the best backrest support to use in a desk chair for sitting long hours?

You may have read about ways to have better posture when sitting in an office chair for eight hours. Today we want to share a backrest for office chair product to assist you in improving your posture even more!

Many people live with chronic back pain. In fact, it has become such a normal part of their lives that they do not remember the last time they did not experience back pain. They are willing to try anything and everything to alleviate their discomfort. You would do the same thing, right? This backrest for an office chair can not only be used at the office but in the car, at home, on the plane or train. Here are just a few highlights about this product:

Ergonomics Workplace Solution

  • Height adjustable for customized lumbar support; it fits any body type
  • It gives center back support
  • The angle between the seat and backrest is 100-120 degrees
  • Independent springs conform to fit your body shape and articulate with your posture
  • Ventilated supports to keep the back cool and dry
  • Easily remove fabric cover to machine wash when needed

Back Pain

This backrest support is supposed to relieve stress on the spine and decrease back pain by giving your back the support it needs.

What customers are saying about this backrest support:

“I bought one in the house and in the car because I had bad in the back when I was a long time in front of my screen and I was doing a long distance by car. My problem is now resolved.” ~ Denis J.

“Good quality and actually helped my lower back problems. Tried many other and after a day or two of use, I returned them.” ~ Francesco M.

“Great to use as a backrest– can use in car or chair. Adjustable and fits on the chair with straps to adjust.” ~ David I.

“Gives a good curve and remains movable. Does reduce the seat depth – therefore only 3*.” ~ Rivkah R.

There are more reviews on the product page for this backrest.

Price and Color

This ergonomic backrest support by Moustache is only $39.99 when the market price is $99.99. It comes in two colors black and grey, which is useful since those colors go with almost any color scheme you may have in your car, office or home.

As you head back-to-school or work, treat your body with kindness and alleviate back stress with good posture, using products like this one to assist you in that goal.

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