What does remanufactured Toner mean

When you have to deal with buying the replacement toners or cartridges for a printer, there is a very high chance that you would have come across the term remanufactured toner.  But what does it mean? It is pretty straightforward.  A remanufactured toner is one made from the user and disposed of the toner of an original equipment manufacturer OEM.  The toner manufacturer tests the disposed of toner to identify any worn out parts and then replaces the identified worn out parts.  The toner is reassembled and refilled with the same quality of ink.

Canon 128 Toner


Furthermore, the remanufactured toner is given a guarantee by the toner manufacturer that it will still work with the OEM printer and give the same standard of printing. Remanufactured toners on 123ink.ca also print the same (or more) number of pages as the OEM printer cartridges.


Canon 137 Toner

But the really good aspect of remanufactured toners is they are less expensive (especially on 123ink.ca) than their original equipment counterpart, while still giving the same quality of printing. Remanufactured toners also help the environment by reducing the number of printer cartridges that are sent to the landfill.

Refer to the links here and here for more information on the remanufactured cartridges on 123ink.ca.

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