What Do People Look for in Office Furniture?

Just as each home is different, every office is different too. It does not matter if a company has cookie-cutter offices, employees tend to personalize their offices with touches from home, by adding a piece of office furniture that shows their style and taste. So…what do people look for in office furniture? Most people look for two basic items. Can you take a guess as to what they are? Take a moment before reading any further. Ok, ready?

The two basic items people look for in office furniture are:

  1. Office desk. A desk is essential in any office. Whether it be an old-fashioned roll-top or asleep modern one with metal and wood combined. It could be as simple as a tabletop style with a couple of shelves, such as the ones we have featured in other posts. Everyone needs a workspace with a surface area to spread out papers, files and a place to set their desktop or laptop. Sturdiness, size, style and whether a desk matches the office décor are factors to consider when shopping for an office desk.
  1. Office chair. What office would be complete without an office chair? We have been in small offices that were outfitted with as many as three or four chairs. One for the employee and the others for when the employee meets with clients or other staff. A chair is important for proper posture while typing or writing. It also allows you to get off your feet if you are the type that is running here and there throughout the office all day long. Comfort, material, 5-star base and adjustability are factors to think about when choosing an office chair.

If you guessed these two items, way to go! It was a no-brainer, right?

If you were a start-up company on a tight budget, an office chair and office desk would be all that was necessary for you to get your office up and running. Then comes office equipment, of course, like phones, computers, printers and faxes.

Other items people use in their offices are usually just accessories, such as a bookcase, desk lamp, guest chairs, end table or plants. These things are not necessities, but they sure do spruce up an office and make it feel more welcoming and personal. Everyone will choose things that suit their sense of style and display a bit of who they are to those who enter their office.

Depending on the company, employees are generally allowed to display personal photos or mementos on their wall or on their office desk. This makes the staff more human to those around them. Plus, it makes their office space feel like “their” space.

We hope we gave you a couple of things to think about when looking for office furniture, office desk or office chair.

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