How to Clean the Printhead for HP Inkjet Printer

Do you own an inkjet printer? Did you know that the printhead needs to be cleaned? Are you wondering what is the printhead? Where is it and how do I clean it? Then keep reading because we are going to tell you how to clean the printhead for HP inkjet printer. Hope you are a do-it-yourself kind of person because you just might get your hands dirty doing this job! Read on to learn how easy it is to clean your printhead.

Steps to cleaning the printhead for HP inkjet printer

First, you need to gather a few supplies to make this job easier:

  • Warm filtered water
  • A container you do not mind putting dirty ink water in
  • Several pieces of paper towel (cut in half if they are large sized)
  • Disposable gloves

Step 1

Fill the container three-quarters full of warm filtered water.

Step 2

Place three or four pieces of paper towels into the warm water, pushing them to the bottom

Step 3

Put on the disposable gloves.

Step 4

Go to the printer, open cover door.

Step 5

Ready the dry paper towel. Take out the ink cartridges and place on upright onto several layers of paper towel.

Step 6

Take out the printhead.

Step 7

Take a wet paper towel, draining excess water and gently rub printhead clean, removing old ink.

Step 8

Place the printhead into the container of warm filtered water.

Step 9

Let printhead soak in the water for ten minutes.

Step 10

Ready more dry paper towel, two or three layers thick.

Step 11

Take the printhead out of the water, shaking the printhead gently to get excess water off. Place the printhead on prepared paper towel.

Step 12

Allow printhead to drain and dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 13

Once the printhead is dry, re-install into the printer. Then the ink cartridges.

Step 14

Close printer door.

Step 15

Press the Setup button. Go to option number 6 “Tools”. Click ok. Choose option number 2 “Clean Printhead”. Click ok. Wait and follow promptings on display screen. Voila! Your printhead is cleaned and you are ready to print once again.

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