How to Choose an Office Chair for Your Business?

In another blog post titled, How to Choose an Office Chair by Material, we mentioned that there are four necessities in a good office chair. They are worth repeating, so here they are again:

  1. Full swivel. Your chair should complete a full 360-degree circle, enabling you to turn in whatever direction needed to accomplish your daily office tasks.
  2. Five-point base. Picture a starfish. Your chair should have five points at its base or five wheels for safety or tipping prevention.
  3. The height of your chair should be adjustable according to the height at which you are working.
  4. Front and back incline. The back of your chair should recline a bit to offer better back support.

Other Factors and Features in Choosing an Office Chair

There are other factors and features to consider when choosing an office chair Canada for your business.

Is the chair ergonomic? This is by far the most important question to ask yourself. It is important to the health of you and your employees. The ergonomic factor will determine the comfort and health of your staff.

How much weight will the chair hold? Weight is a touchy issue, but it need not be mentioned to your employees. It is out of consideration for larger employees that you are aware of the weight limits on office chairs so you may provide them with a safe chair. Not to mention one that they can comfortably sit in for long periods of time.

Does the style of the chair match your brand? Your office represents you, your business and your brand. The style of the chair should match what you are trying to portray to all those who walk through your office door.

Have you tested the office chair? We live in an age when online shopping is the way to go, which is desirable. However, buying online has its disadvantages. You cannot test the chair out. Reading online reviews can offset that disadvantage but it is your behind and back that will be sitting in the chair every day, not someone else’s. Be sure to check the return policy of the chair. Can you return it if it does not meet your expectations? Will postage be pre-paid, or will you be responsible for the return shipping?

An office chair is one of the most important pieces of office furniture. It will determine how productive you and your staff will be. Be aware of your employees’ needs, the durability of the chair and most importantly whether the chair is up to the ergonomic stuff.

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