How to Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

How to Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

In the ever-growing environmentally friendly world in which we live, you too must be wondering how to keep ink containers, toner cartridges and any other plastics used to contain ink out of landfills and oceans. You might be surprised to find out that there are several options available to you on how to recycle ink toner cartridges, etc.

Where to Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

Staples – This giant office supplier offers a place to dispose of and recycle more than just ink cartridges. They give you a place to recycle batteries, electronics and cell phones! Staples has had its program since 2008. Between 2008-2016 they had the goal of diverting 20 million ink cartridges. Look for their drop-offs in any of their stores across Canada.

HP – Offers to drop off recycling and mail in, which is quite unique; they even provide postage paid shipping! See their website for details on how to print off a shipping label. Their drop off centers includes Staples and London Drugs.

Canon – Like Staples, Canon offers free shipping to people looking to recycle their old ink and toner cartridges. Canon claims it has had this program since 1990, being the first company to do so, therefore, the forerunners. They have collected more than 378,000 tons! Please note: Canon’s program only receives Canon brand cartridges.

Brother – Brother, like Canon, also offers a cartridge return program for its own Brother brand cartridges. They, too, offer a postage paid shipping label. Complete details are on their website recycling program’s page.

Ink Canada – Sell your cartridges for cashBet that idea never crossed your mind, that you could earn a little cash on the side by selling your ink or toner cartridges instead of throwing them away. Ink Canada buys the cartridges. Contact them via their website for details on how to sell your used cartridges. Buyback prices range from 10 cents to 4 dollars so you won’t get rich selling your old cartridges. Nevertheless, they will put them to good use, take them off your hands and save the planet. Buyback prices vary depending on the brand and model of printer.

These are just a few companies offering a recycling program. There are other companies providing the same free shipping for recycling used, empty ink and toner cartridges. If your printer brand is not listed in this post, don’t give up! Simply look at your brand’s website to see if they have a recycle ink toner cartridge program.

Happy recycling and thanks for being a good citizen by being kind to the earth!

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