How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

“You don’t need a comfortable office chair. Here, sit on this box while you work” said no one ever. In a world where we’re so focused on making money, we’re often neglecting the health implications that come with this amount of stress. If you’re an office worker, then you already know that each time you stand up from your desk after having spent hours in front of it feels like someone’s stabbing you in the back. That’s because you’re forgetting how important it is to have comfort while you’re sitting down. So, before you buy your next ergonomic chair, here are some things to consider.

Look for a highly-adjustable model

Every good ergonomic chair has a lever for adjusting the height. Always keep in mind that the best ergonomic chairs will allow you to adjust its parts individually. For instance, you should be able to move the armrests back and forth while keeping the back support in a fixed position. Take this Moustache ergonomic chair for example. Its components can be individually adjusted, which translates into a high level of customization to better fit your needs. The PolyPropylene armrest can be adjusted to provide full arm support. The backrest is made of mesh so it can allow your back to breathe during those hot summer days. The chair also features a tilt tension system, so you can better find your sitting position. Basically, this chair provides all the adjustability you need: for your armrests, seat depth, chair height and back support.

Choose a chair with good back support

The main problem with spending so much time sitting on a chair is not providing sufficient care for your back. It is not uncommon for people who make a living out of sitting in front of a computer to have spine problems in the long run. Muscle tension, insufficient lumbar support and neck pains are something we often neglect and while repercussions are not visible when you’re 20, you’ll certainly be sorry when you’re 40. What you should be looking for is a chair that fills the gaps between your back and the chair itself, taking the shape of your spine to avoid tension in the muscles. Long story short, look out for these 3 things: lumbar support, adjustable tilt and headrest. This Moustache high back office chair should do the trick. The headrest will avoid you forcing your neck muscles and the lumbar support is there to make sure you don’t weaken your lower back muscles.

Don’t overlook the seat’s quality

This is a detail that most people don’t know, but having a chair with a seat that’s either too big or too small for your body can lead to discomfort in the long run. A good ergonomic chair should have a seat that’s 1 inch wider than your hips, while also having the seat pan just behind your knees. Due to the fact that each of our bodies is different, it’s difficult to recommend a single product for all our readers, but there is one chair we’ve found that stands out of the crowd. The Moustache adjustable office chair features an elastic cushion seating that promises to adjust to your natural body shape, making sure no unneeded pressure is applied to your buttocks.

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