Bar Stool Decorating Ideas

Decorating a new home or redecorating an old one is a lot of fun. If you do not have one already, consider a breakfast bar because once you have one, you will fall in love with it. It is such a convenient place to have your children sit while you are making school lunches or cooking dinner for the family. They can eat their breakfast, do their homework or simply talk to you about their day while you do meal prep.

Bar areas are not just for families, professionals can use a bar area for work, entertaining or reconnecting with your partner after a long day. Bar stools give a breakfast bar their finishing touch. Breakfast bars are not the only area in your home where bar stools may be used. Try using them at your dining room table too. Bar stools with adjustable height may be fitted to a countertop or table.

4 Featured Bar Stools

We have 15 different bar stools available in an assortment of styles. Here we will feature just a handful of our favourite swivel and adjustable height stools and highlight their features.

  1. Adjustable Height Swivel Butterfly Bar Stool – Moustache®We are proud to share that this bar stool was featured in the Quebec Kitchen Décor Magazine. It is priced at $99 for two bar stools. It has a sleek design and a modern look. It comes in two colors: black or white. It is durable and comfortable. It has a PU leather surface and has a lightweight chrome frame. You can adjust the height with a gas-lift mechanism and adjustable handle. It also has a swivel action, which is a must in bar stools. The weight capacity is 250 lb.
    Bar Stool Adjustable Height Swivel Butterfly
  2. Swivel Adjustable Bonded-Leather Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black or White – $104.99

This one has a durable, soft comfort backrest and padded block design; with the lightweight chrome frame, including a footrest. The material is a bonded-leather. This too is a swivel action bar stool. It is adjustable in height and has a weight capacity of 250 lb.

Bar Stool Swivel Adjustable Bonded-Leather

  1. Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black, White or Red – $129.99

This bar stool has contemporary look with the chrome frame and footrest. It is lightweight.

It is made of faux leather and foam for comfort and durability. It has a PU seat with chrome silver, swivel action, height adjustable and supports up to 250 lb.

Bar Stool Adjustable Height Swivel

  1. Swivel Adjustable PVC Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black or White – $59.98

This one does not appear to have the same back support as the others, however, it has a 5-star review from the customers kind enough to take the time to leave their thoughts and opinions. It has a unique look if you are looking for something different. The rest of its features are the same as the bar stools above. The only other differences are it is made with PVC and is less expensive.

Bar Stool Swivel Adjustable PVC

You do not have to break the bank when choosing furniture for your home.  Bar stools do not have to be to be ugly or uncomfortable. Do not shortchange your decorating style. Choose a design that fits your home and personal needs…and enjoy!

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