Are Mesh Office Chairs Durable?

Ever wonder how your surroundings affect your mood or productivity at home or the office? If not, give it some thought now. How likely are you to “feel” like working if you cannot find what you are looking for or there is a sticky mess on your desk? Now, ask yourself if the reverse was true, your desk is neat and tidy, and the spill wiped clean, would you be ready to work? What a mental challenge, eh? The same goes for the condition and functionality of office furniture. If the wheel is broken on your office chair and you have it propped up with a piece of wood to keep it balanced while you work, is that a distraction? Would you have that distraction if all the wheels of your chair worked properly? No, you would not. Those of you buying office furniture for your company’s offices need to consider not only the style and functionality but the durability of the products on your list. That brings us to today’s topic: are mesh office chairs durable?

The Durability of Mesh Office Chairs

At first glance, mesh office chairs may appear cheaply made and not very durable. However, they are quite strong since the fabric is interlaced securely. To ensure lastingness, metal or hard plastic frames are often are included in the netting.

mesh office chair

As mentioned in one of our office chair posts featuring mesh chairs, the mesh allows air to filter through, reducing the amount of sweating that may otherwise occur in cloth or leather office chairs. With the reduced sweat factor, the mesh remains new looking and fresh, compared to the cloth that absorbs sweat causing the fabric to look dirty.

Therefore, in response to the post title, yes, mesh office chairs are durable. Mesh office chairs are worth consideration for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, they are easy to clean!

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