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Black Friday sale allows us to explore beyond the usual suspects for office supplies (like these home décor ideas & chair buying guide). There are office supplies that never make it to the top of the mandatory list but are essential to office productivity, organization, and enjoyment. As the holiday season approaches with the sales, look at the Top 5 Black Friday Office Supply Products on


  1. Office Machines

Office machines are broadly characterized from calculators to shredders and everything in between. This Black Friday have a gander at an 8-sheet paper and cross cut shredder from Moustache®.

Cross-Cut Shredder

The 3.4-gallon basket means the annoying task of emptying all the shreds will occur less frequently. The auto-feed function also means standing at the shredder and continuously feeding the machine aimlessly is now a thing of the past. The unit itself is also compact and can fit seamlessly into an office setting.


  1. Point of Sale Supplies

Keep track of inventory and increase the efficiency of your business with Point of Sale Supplies this Black Friday.

The L-6500 is a high-quality new arrival and doesn’t cost a substantial amount of money. It also can scan low print contrast, fuzzy, and long codes. For a growing business, it is important to get ahead of increasing inventory demands and ready-for-anything point-of-sale items.


  1. Mailing, packaging, & shipping

Mailing, packaging, & shipping—the office supply items are notoriously forgotten until needed. Browse different size mailing, packing, & shipping boxes for home or business packing. Moreover, find various packing tapes and envelopes.

  1. Paper & stationary

 Notebooks, paper, and photo paper from construction paper to envelopes for all your shipping needs. Index cards, files, and business envelopes assist with all physical copies needed with running a business. Agendas and various notebooks will assist with planning and recording all the details required that the online world cannot hold.

Sleeper pick in at number 5: Breakroom supplies

Breakroom supplies are mandatory from the coffee machines to the coffee itself. That includes everything in between from stir-sticks to ecologically disposable cups. Luckily, has a coffee maker, coffee, K-Cups, and TAZO tea should it be required.


Even more so, we have the toaster oven for the break room. We really do have anything needed.


Give some attention to the items less travelled this Black Friday and get office supplies that may fall under the radar when perusing regularly with these sales.


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