How to Shop Under Budget on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Tell me: who can possibly resist those “Every product less than $5” offers? Black Friday sales or not, we discovered a hidden gem for those interested in purchasing new office supplies at incredibly low prices. We’ve decided to share some of the useful discoveries we came across, just to give you an idea of what a few dollars can get you.

Belkin Premium Mouse Pad

If you’re looking to throw away that worn out mouse pad and buy one in a very beautiful shade of blue, the Belkin is here at your disposal. Measuring 9.8 x 7.9 inches, this mouse pad is ideal for home and office use, provided you’re not looking for a gaming pad, which is often way larger. The Jersey surface allows smooth mouse operation, with accurate points and clicks, while the back is made from a non-slip material that keeps the pad in place. The cloth top is ideal for those who are looking to customize the pad: maybe brand it with the company logo or personalize it with a family photo.

Westcott Mahogany Staple Remover

Face it, you’ve had to remove a staple at least once in your life by improvising for the lack of a staple remover. With this mahogany product, you won’t need to bend paper clips, your nails or try to shove the tip of a pen underneath the staple. The heavy-duty steel jaws do an excellent job at removing staples in less than 2 seconds. The mahogany color creates a very pleasant visual effect as if the staple remover was a vintage product.

Staedtler 1270 Triangular Coloured Pencils

It doesn’t matter how old you are, coloring pencils will always catch your eye. This pack features 24 beautifully colored pencils that are a must-have in every office, but also in every home. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s always good to have colors at hand, for marking documents, underlining important information or highlighting text. The pencils are very easy to sharpen and the colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

Opmark Mini-Correction Tape

And if you ever want to erase something you’ve written, the Opmark mini tape should come in handy. With a total length of 5 m and a width of 5 mm, this correction-tape is easy to use and should find its way on every desk. The 180 degrees swivel head makes it ideal for both left and right-handed use. Since it’s not a correction gel, it doesn’t require any drying time: just place the tape over the unwanted text and you can write over it the very next second.

Maxell 190319 HP-100 Lightweight Stereo Headphones

If you’re looking for an affordable set of headphones, you won’t get a better deal than this. Obviously, you can’t expect the top-notch performance given by more expensive gaming headphones, but there will do just fine in a multitude of situations. Featuring an adjustable headband, these headphones are great for listening to music on all sorts of portable devices, but also for quietly watching a movie on your laptop, when you don’t want to disturb the other people in the room.

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