How to Choose Office Chairs by Materials?

You could liken choosing an office chair to choose the type of interior you want in your car. It is a wide comparison, but we are simply talking about the seats of your vehicle. However, with an office chair there are four necessities needed before considering the type of material you want the seat of your chair to be made of, which are:

  1. Full swivel. The Office chair should complete a full 360-degree circle, enabling you to turn in whatever direction needed to accomplish your daily office tasks.
  2. Five-point base. Picture a starfish. Your office chair should have five points at its base or five wheels for safety or tipping prevention.
  3. The height of your office chair should be adjustable according to the height at which you are working.
  4. Front and back incline. The back of your office chair should recline a bit to offer better back support.

Choosing Office Chairs by Materials

There is seven popular office chair Canada materials. They are wood, mesh, vinyl, leather (or faux leather), plastic and fabric.

Wood – Wood chairs are sturdy and durable. However, they lack the comfort needed for most office workers. Wood also needs polishing and cleaning to remain attractive. It is not the most popular choice for daily, consistent use.

Mesh – Mesh is a breathable material and is known to be comfortable. This material mesh office chair allows air flow, unlike other materials.  This can be quite refreshing in the warmer months of the year. However, it may stain and be hard to clean.

Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Footrest

Vinyl – Vinyl is an easy to clean fabric. It is durable and can give an impressive look to an office. It lacks breathability, it that is a quality you desire.

Leather – Leather is expensive and requires more care for long-term durability. It can crack if left in the sunlight or if leather treatment is neglected. It provides comfort and a posh look.

Faux Leather – Faux leather is less expensive and does not last as long as other materials.

Plastic – Plastic is probably the most affordable. It is easy to clean. Plastic is plain looking but functional.

Fabric – Fabric is the most popular material. It is affordable, durable and easy to maintain and clean. Not to mention the fact that you can color coordinate with your office décor since fabric options abound. Fabric does not offer breathability. It can also hold odours and moisture, unlike other material choices.

Hopefully, this gives you an overview of your material choices and enables you to make an informed choice when choosing your office chairs.

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