How to Choose an Office Chair by Material

A good office chair is a wonderful thing to invest in when you spend more than 4 hours sitting down at a desk. Since we often suffer because of bad posture, a decent office chair can correct our positions, provide good support and get us rid of some nasty back (and bottom) aches. Knowing which materials your next office chairs made of is very important in determining if you’ll be sitting in it comfortably or not. So, what are the main types of office chair materials?


Generally speaking, the mesh is a combination of plastic fibres and is commonly found in backrests of different types of mesh office chairs. Their springiness is comfortable on the back as it curves to its natural shape. They’re great for people who tend to sweat a lot during the summer, as they allow their backs to breathe. The downside of the mesh is that once it gets stained, it’s quite difficult to clean. If you want something that’s more low maintenance, a leather chair may be more suitable for your needs.

Ergonomic Executive Mesh Office Chair


Fabric office chairs are very popular due to the high level of breathability they provide. You also have a lot of options in terms of colors and patterns when looking into fabric chairs. So, if you have very specific tastes in these things, you’ll most likely find fabric office chairs appealing. They’re great for people who like to have a chair that matches their other interior decorations in terms of chromatic style. It’s important to take into account the fact that fabric chairs are harder to clean than leather chairs, which generally need merely a good wipe with a clean cloth. Getting stains out of fabrics is always tricky.


It’s true that leather chairs are at the top of the pyramid, being a very luxurious and a very expensive option. They are often the favourite choice for executives who care a lot about having only the best furniture in their office. In time, leather is prone to cracks, so unless you’re really motivated in buying something expensive, faux leather may be a better option.

Faux Leather

Compared to leather chairs, faux leather ones are a much more affordable option. Since they’re not made of actual leather, they’re also environmentally friendly as they’re not made from actual animal skin. Even if it gives out the same vibes as a real leather chair, a faux leather one isn’t that durable. It is, however, very easy to clean, since any stain can be removed with a damp clean cloth. It may be considered a cheap imitation of a leather chair, but how many people are actually going to pay that much attention to it to actually tell the difference?


Before you choose your next office chair, consider the benefits and downsides of opting for any of these materials. Are you looking for something low maintenance? Do you want something classier? Do you often end up spilling your coffee on your desk and want a chair that’s easy to clean? Are there any particular fabrics that make your skin feel itchy? It’s important to answer all of these questions before you start shopping.

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