Get the best Ergonomic Backrest Support on Black Friday Sales

With all the time we spend sitting, it’s no coincidence that our sitting posture is one of the largest factors in causing back pain.  This is because the average human when sitting over a long period of time slouches into a position that is detrimental to the bones in our spine and back (known as the lumbar).

Being in this aggravated position for a prolonged period of time causes harm to our lower backs, leading to neck pain, back pain, loss of productivity, aching muscles, and in some severe cases lumbar dislocation.  Frankly, sitting in the wrong posture has a long-term impact on our health.

Ergonomic Backrest Support

But what you do to solve this, you ask.  There are several options.  One of them is learning to sit properly all the time in the medically correct position with the spine aligned parallel to the mesh office chair and head upright.  This is easier said than done. Because humans are not robots and most will find it hard to do this consistently for years.

Another option is getting an ergonomic chair that supports your back (lumbar) and comes with adjustable height adjustment.  This solution will work for a lot of people, but there are those who are unable to afford the hundreds of dollars they will need to fork out for another mesh office chair. And space and other constraints might make it impractical to bring in another mesh office chair into a workspace or living area.

backrest for mesh office chair

The solution that works for most is getting an ergonomic backrest support to use with an existing mesh office chair.  This is a flexible solution as the backrest support can also be used in a car especially for those that have long daily commutes.

Backrest for mesh office chair

And getting a quality backrest support does not need to be expensive. currently has a special offer on their Ergonomic Backrest Support from Moustache® for Black Friday Sales.  This product comes in black and grey color variant and current going at the special offer price of $29.99 with free shipping within Canada.

This quality product comes with height adjustable support, so it can be used by individuals of various heights, as well as being covered in a mesh cloth that enables aeration of the body leaving it cool and dry.  But it truly excels in its core function of relieving stress on the back and waist as attested by the reviews of the product.

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