Check Out Our Warehouse Moving Sale Before Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching, but if door crasher deals aren’t your style or you can’t afford to wait to restock for another few weeks, you’ll be pleased to note that select office supplies are already marked down considerably—and will be on sale as early as October 30th.

Unlike our American neighbours—who will likely be in a turkey coma the day after Thanksgiving when they log on to do their shopping!—Canadians can shop in leisure and comfort any day leading up to and following Black Friday. With speedy delivery, free returns, and an email newsletter to inform you of all the latest happenings on our online store, you can find an early Black Friday deal in the blink of an eye.

Why Early Black Friday Deals?

Since our initial launch, we have become widely known for our affordable prices and free (or extremely low) shipping costs nationwide, making us the premier online Canadian shopping destination for school and office supplies.

What many people don’t know is that we also take pride in our early Black Friday deals. We understand that sometimes individuals and corporations run into crises before the holiday season.

You might try to budget around Black Friday and plan to restock when prices are low, but unfortunately, sometimes life throws you surprises you couldn’t possibly plan for, such as a malfunctioning printer or a broken storage shelf that needs to be replaced pronto.

Why Buy Early?

Black Friday can be stressful for some people, especially since it falls so close to the Christmas holidays. Up here in the Great White North, where we get our Thanksgiving celebrations out of the way well before Halloween, the last thing on our minds in late November is door crasher deals.

However, in recent years, many Canadian companies have begun to see the value in borrowing Black Friday traditions from our southern neighbours. We can’t argue with that. Any chance to save on essentials is all right by us. Nevertheless, if you can buy early, and avoid the stress and hassle of Black Friday shopping, why shouldn’t you do it?

We have already marked down a considerable number of office basics, including those from the insanely popular and proudly Canadian Moustache brand, that you might prefer to purchase before the holiday rush. From paper and stationery to file folders, anything that you’re running low on is available for immediate purchase at unbelievable prices.

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