$29.99 Only for Ergonomic Backrest Support on Early Black Friday Sales at 123Ink.ca

Those of you who have desk jobs know what it is like to sit for hours every day. Your back gets stiff and sore. Your legs fall asleep or ache. Your neck gets a crick or aches at the base. It is important to move frequently when you have a sedentary job. Not just for your circulation but also for your physical health and well-being. If your body is aching and you are in pain, you are not going to be as productive at work. That is why finding tools or products that provide neck and backrest support are helpful. Anything that makes your life better and your body more comfortable is a good thing and leads to a happier life, more fulfilling work and home life, right? We are offering a backrest for office chair as an early Black Friday sale. It is an ergonomic and under $30. Check it out below.

Ergonomic Backrest Support – Moustache® – Grey (Free Shipping) – Regular $39.99 NOW $29.99!

Ergonomic Backrest Support

We are including a special free shipping offer with the purchase of this backrest support. Wow! What an even better deal, eh? Usually, we only offer free shipping on orders over $49, but we are making an exception for this early Black Friday deal.

Product Details:

  • Black or grey in color
  • Height adjustable for customized lumbar support
  • Independent springs conform to fit your body shape and articulate with your posture
  • Ventilated supports to keep the back cool and dry
  • Easily remove fabric cover to machine wash when needed
  • Effectively corrects the sitting position
  • Relieves wrist pressure
  • Versatile – use at the office, at home or in the car
  • Adjustable base fits any body shape – children, the elderly or expectant mothers

This product is not just for your personal use. Are you looking for an office gift? You have come to the right place. Surprise your co-worker with the gift of a backrest support. Have a senior on your gift list? Enhance their comfort by gifting them something that supports their back while they are resting in their favourite chair. Know an expectant mother? Oy! Her back ligaments will thank you for gifting her this backrest! What about a bus driver, taxi driver or truck driver? These professional drivers will thank you for thinking of them.

This ergonomic backrest support by Moustache is a unique gift that supports and assists those spending their days behind an office desk, who have limited mobility, drive for a living or are gestating. Be sure to take advantage of this early Black Friday Sale now and buy this backrest support before it is gone!

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