123Ink.ca VS Amazon – where to Shop Printer Ink this Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the Best Discounts

After printing off shopping lists, labels for Christmas cards and Christmas gifts, school assignments that finish up the semester and printing of those last minute business-related items to finish up work for the holidays; your ink levels are probably low, especially if you have been printing in colors with funky designs and fun borders! While convenient to print everything straight from a template or document, it can be hard on your ink supplies when you don’t realize just how many pages you just sent to the prices.

Printer ink can be pricey and not usually built into your monthly shopping budget, especially if you have a specialty printer that is high resolution and saturates the page with ink. Some places charge up to $30.00 for each individual cartridge of ink and even stores that refill ink cartridges can start running up the charges when you look at the cost of the reusable cartridge, the ink refill and the processing fees.

Most people tend to stick to Amazon for their online shopping needs but did you know that 123Ink.ca has competitive pricing and comparable products for a fraction of the cost? Check it out and see for yourself.

Why Quality Ink is Important for your Printing Needs

If you need more convincing on why high-quality ink (at a low cost) is important for your printer; consider the following:

  • Amount of ink saturation – cheaply made ink can skip over the page and not saturate the images correctly, leaving your print job a streaky mess that looks unprofessional. If you are printing photos or invitations, or something similar, you want a professional look for a fraction of the cost.
  • Can damage the printer in the long run – cheaply made ink cartridges can break down within the printer, sending ink streams into the internal operating parts that respond negatively to a liquid introduction. These ink streams can also clog the nozzles of the printer and ruin seals.
  • Warranty – if your printer requires a particular brand of ink to operate at peak conditions and maintain a repair/replacement warranty; using a cheaper replacement ink can cause the printer to not only break down but it can also void your warranty if it is discovered that you didn’t use the right ink.


Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales can definitely be the time to stock up on color and black ink, photo paper, cardstock and more to meet all of your business, school and leisure needs; because once the holidays end? It is back to business as usual, with assignments, deadlines, and functions. Why not take a minute to head on over to 123Ink.ca to sift through the numerous deals that are offered during this online shopping extravaganza on not only the best inks for your printer (both black and color) but also computer accessories to make those long nights easier? Check out their deals on both single-use ink cartridges and reusable ones, then maybe take a look at a new mouse pad with gel cushioning for your wrist!

2 comments on “123Ink.ca VS Amazon – where to Shop Printer Ink this Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the Best Discounts

  1. Dave Sharp

    I believe that price is not the only or most important consideration. I’d say value is more commensurate with price just being one concern. We actually sought out your Canadian company as an alternative to Amazon with so much of our purchasing going to one company. Hardly breeds competition. We bought a fair amount of ink and a number of printers, but have found that the ink we have purchased lately tends to “leak” from the cartridge. This calls for disassembling the printer, cleaning it, and reassembling replacing the leaking cartridge. We want to continue to purchase from 123ink but we have found that we get at least one leaking cartridge in each shipment now. So many that we’ve quit sending them back, and now quit purchasing. They need to tighten up their manufacturing tolerances because the cartridges are leaking powder at an alarming rate. I like dealing with 123ink. I dislike Moustache cartridges now.


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