123Ink.ca Will be Participating in Canada’s Black Friday this year!

You bet your bottom dollar that 123ink.ca will be bringing fabulous deals in Canada this Black Friday. Get ready, get set because of all your office supply needs, from printers to ergonomic chairs, we have them ready and waiting for you at 123ink.ca

Think bargain deals, think deals that will have your office manager jumping for joy. And if you are the office manager, well, it’s time to sit back, relax, pour some champagne for your life is going to get much easier with the Canadian deals for office supplies this Black Friday.

Don’t Get Distracted By Bad Quality Deals

Black Friday sales is a time to get your hands on the items that have been on your wish list for ages. Yet it is important that you make sure you don’t get taken for a ride. Many ‘deals’ and ‘opportunities’ will be flying at you from all sides these Black Friday sales but it is important that you make sure you only spend on reputable sites and sources.

123ink.ca Has Been Providing Great Deals For Over 11 Years

123ink.ca has been proud to have served Canadian consumers for over 11 years. We have been supplying office and home needs to excellent standards across this time.

Which Of These Are Tempting?

We have great deals across a whole heap of products and services. Partnered with a customer service standard that will have all your queries met, 123ink will provide all your office equipment needs for fraction of the price.

Ink Cartridges

We have a selection of ink cartridges across multiple brands and package deals. From the Brother brand to Canon, Lexmark and Samsung. Whatever model your printer may be, 123ink has all your ink cartridge needs covering.

Additionally, we have a vast variety of toner brands and package deals that will have your inkjet printer or photocopier purring like a kitten for the foreseeable future.


Sometimes you get to the point where having to go outside your home, hopping on the bus or in your car, to go get one page of the document printed is just too much. We get it. Getting a printer for your own home can cut out hours of time spent in traffic and queues when all you need to print is one piece of paper for your university, holiday or job application. We have a range of printers from basic needs printers to more advanced printers for the photographers out there.

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