These are the Deals you won’t want to Miss on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you’ve been holding out on getting that printer for months, saying, ‘ugh, I just can’t spend a billion dollars on it’, your time has come! These Black Friday deals on all things office from 123ink are going to make getting all your office need items as easy as one, two, click and go. At 123ink we’ve been supplying Canada with the best deals on everything office for over 11 years and these Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday is no exception! We have deals on printers, paper and ink cartridges. We’ve got deals on toner, folders, pens, pencils, staplers and every in between.

For Students:

Being a student can be rather tricky. You’re cramming your brain with all these delicious facts on whatever you’re studying, trying to get it all in there while feeding yourself a somewhat nutritious meal plan, having some social contact with the outside world, have all the supplies you need to create beautiful works of art, i.e. your essay on why cell biology is like a dance and of course trying to do all that on the budget the size of a pea. We get the struggle, we’ve all been there and so that’s why these Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday is, in part, dedicated to you.

We know that a 300-page thesis doesn’t print itself or that the report that you spent a billion candle-light hours trying to compile isn’t going to leap onto the page itself. You need supplies that you can rely on you. Importantly you need these office supplies to not cost the earth and your next month’s food budget. It’s all here, clicks and weep to find all your needs met without the slimmest chance that you won’t be able to eat for the next month. Printers, paper, highlighters, mouse pads, laptop covers, staplers and all things university related. We’ve got you covered for your next semester, your next exam period and even the wonderful time of handing out resumes to get that summer job.

For Anyone Trying To Be An Adult

We’re told that being an adult means being on top of everything. Well, we know that sometimes things can go south quickly and it all looks a little disastrous. Barbra has forgotten to order paper again, the toner has run out, Scott is on the warpath because Judy has taken his favourite pen, again and you almost give up and walk out the door. But then, a whiff of hope. You remember that has a selection of some of the best deals going these Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday. You order the paper in bulk, the toner, a stack of pens for Scott and a backrest support for you because you deserve it. Good things happen when Black Friday deals abound.

We look forward to giving you the best deals

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