What’s are the Best Office Supplies to Buy on Black Friday Sale – a Look at 123Ink’s Top 3!

Get ready Black Friday Sale Canada, 123ink.ca is gearing up to provide you with the best deals yet this coming Black Friday. Sales will be coming at you from all angles, think Christmas and then double it. You’ll have all you need for ages yet after this Black Friday sale. Whether you’re a student that needs to get all their supplies for the second semester or an office manager that needs to restock the depleted office, it’s all here ready for your happy hearts and hands. We’ve got office supplies, home office supplies and anything office-y that you can think of! Printers, ink cartridges, scissors, staplers, rulers, toner, more toner, even more, ink cartridges and ergonomic chairs to boot.

Category 1: Office Basics

This product category is likely to be one of your top rated because it has anything and everything ready for your office. Whether it’s scissors, tape and tape dispensers, glue sticks or liquid glue, staplers and stapler remover (for when the intern doesn’t quite get which papers to staple together or not and it’s time to undo them all!) clipboards, document holders, rubber bands, rulers and binder clips. We could go on but our fingers are starting to hurt. We have it all ready for you at amazingly low prices.

Category 2: Writing

Now, where would we be without our favourite pen! Whether it’s rational or not, most of us have a lucky pen that we love to write with. It helps us get all the best clients and secure the best deals, with a flourish of our signature with that favourite pen amazing things happen. Well, why not help luck and have a few of your favourite pens for when your favourite pen decides to “go missing” (we all know Steve from accounting took it, gah!) so that you don’t need to bat an eyelid, just reach inside your desk and get another one. Ballpoint pens, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, art markers and pencils and oh, correction white out for when you may have forgotten to take out your “I desperately need sleep” from the middle of the contract.

Category 3: Computer Accessories

Yes, we’ve got ‘em all here for you. Keyboards at crazy low prices, headphones to blast Mozart through and get you through the day, computer stands and mouse pads, to have everything go nice and smoothly. Check out the Package for Back To School, it has all your schooling needs in one place and with one click.

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