Plan to Do Your Black Friday Shopping Now


Canadians might celebrate Turkey Day a bit earlier in the year than our friends down south, but we’ve jumped on board for one particular all-American trend that isn’t bound to die down anytime soon. Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving when massive bargains abound and products are marked down more than 60%, enabling consumers to make purchases they’ve been waiting for all year.

Black Friday sales events continue long past the Friday in question, and Cyber Monday sales are arguably just as exciting for the savvy bargain shopper. Stores are flooded with eager customers all weekend long, hoping to snag the best deals possible. In short, Black Friday is a big deal.


Alternatives to the Mall Crawl

Naturally, for those of us with a slightly more introverted disposition, hitting the mall on the busiest weekend of the year doesn’t exactly sound like a dream come true. Neither does camping outside an electronics store waiting for door-crasher deals at a time when most people would rather be at home in bed.

There is, however, an alternative. Despite our company’s proud Canadian origins, have joined the Black Friday craze and now offer some of the most generous markdowns of all office supply companies nationwide. Best of all, you can order directly from our online store and get ahead of the curve on Black Friday deals even before the infamous day itself.


Shop Online and Save

Online shopping is addictive, but in this case, you won’t have to feel guilty for spending your hard-earned cash while in a turkey coma. If anything, you’ll save. Our deals last from Friday to Monday—and many products are marked down to a jaw-dropping 95%. There’s very little chance you’ll be able to find a bargain that good in the real world. With free returns and speed-of-light shipping, you won’t have to wait until the Christmas decorations are up before your orders arrive in the mail.

Of course, since we’re Canadian, we like to polite. That means offer you some additional benefits just for choosing to buy domestically. Order from the Great White North and choose a proudly Canadian product over an offshore equivalent, and you’ll be eligible for free or low-cost shipping anywhere in the nation. Now that’s true hospitality that Americans and Canadians can both agree on.

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