Office Chair Buying Guide for Black Friday Season

Productivity is a buzzword for office workers.  And an easily overlooked (as well as being critical) input to workforce productivity (and wellbeing) is something we see and use every day but take for granted. –  Yes, it is the boring but well-used office chair.  A device we spend more time on during the course of our working life than our mattresses that we sleep on at night.

Research has shown that we spend an average of seven hours a day on the office chair.  And when we have one not ergonomically suited to our needs, we suffer adverse effects such as neck stiffness, back pain, eye fatigue, and even respiration issues.

All of these affect our productivity in the office, hence the reason we need to invest time and resources to buy a product that has such a critical impact on our productivity and long-term wellbeing.

The good news if you are reading this blog is there is a Black Friday Office Chair Sale on where you can buy reliable, sturdy and safe ergonomically proven office chairs.  The key to selecting an ergonomic office chair that is dependable is to know what is critical to you the user. There are different types that offer different properties. The most common functionalities that you should look at for in an ergonomic office chair are:

  • Seat height adjustability
  • Backrest height and position adjustability
  • Lumber support for lower back support
  • Armrest height adjustability
  • Sturdy wheelbase
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Quality casters that roll easily

At there are different types of ergonomic chairs available for the Black Friday sale, such as the

Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support

This high mesh chair designed to provide exceptional back support is being sold for $109.99 (compared to the market price of $249.99) and you get free shipping for this product.

Another good deal is the Moustache® Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

This ergonomic chair comes in high-quality leather as well as coming with free shipping, it is going for the discounted price of $169.99

The Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Office MeshErgonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Task Chair

Task Chair comes with a silver mesh Upholstery and is currently going for the discounted rate of $134.99.  the price also includes free shipping within Canada.

And for Gamers, the orthopedically designed Moustache® Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair with Footrest is an ideal choice.Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

It has premium leather for longtime sitting comfort.  As well as a telescopic footrest for extra support.  You can get this quality chair for $219.99

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