Is it worth the cost to repair a printer?

When it comes to deciding whether to repair your printer or get a new one there are a few factors that you can look at. Using the initial cost of the printer can help you determine whether its worth a certain cost to repair or replace it.  

Your Cost Per Page (CPP) Is Increasing

The way you determine your CPP is through understanding a few stats.

1 Determine how much you pay per cartridge

2 Discern how many pages that cartridge allows you to print. This is usually found on the packaging of the cartridge itself.

3 Divide how much you pay per cartridge / by how many pages it is allowing you to print

If you notice that you are running through all the ink or toner in the cartridge before the page yield that is on the cartridge there may be an issue in your printer that is causing ink to be wasted at some point in the process. You can first start by switching to a compatible cartridge, which is considerably cheaper but if the yield continues to decrease, it is likely that there is an underlying problem in the printer mechanism.

If the problem within the printer is a complex one that is not easily found, this may mean that replacing your printer to be the best option at a lower cost than paying big dollars to repair a complex issue.

Warranty Ending

It’s important to keep tabs on when your printer warranty ends. When a printer is past its warranty date, the repair and maintenance costs that used to be externally covered are likely to pose considerable costs as time progresses.

Points Of Failure

Unfortunately, due to the intricacy of their design printers have several points of failure. From the relatively simple problems related to the printing tray to more complex problems connected to the drum or fuser, the issues that your printer has should be considered in your decision to repair or replace.

If your printer’s controller board or chip have been compromised the cost of repair usually starts to increase. Understand what issues your printer is exhibiting and weigh up the likely cost of repair and wait time compared to purchasing a new printer.

Understand Your Needs

Spend time discerning what your printing needs are for your work environment. If you and your office environment are able to wait for repairs to be done that may be a factor in how you can respond. If your office will be able to manage with a smaller machine with a lower yield it may turn out that the cost of repairs outstrips that of buying a smaller printer machine. It may be that your office needs are now turning more digital and the in-house printer should have digital scanning capabilities as well.

Additionally, if your current machine is an older make it could turn out that repair parts may be hard to come by increasing the wait time for repair and perhaps the cost.

1 comment on “Is it worth the cost to repair a printer?

  1. Gerry

    I have had a lot of trouble with printers in the past 3 years. My latest problem is my Canon Maxify MB2720. An error message came up and I could no longer use it. I’m thinking that it quit working because I didn’t use Canon inks. They sell you a printer at al low price and expect you to pay huge prices for ink only from them. Is it the same for the printers that you sell? I think their idea is almost fraudulent. If one of your products doesn’t operate that way, I would like to buy a printer copier from your store.
    Thanx, Gerry T.


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