How to Clean Printer Ink Leaked All Over Your Lacquer Desk?

Imagine you just purchased a new lacquer desk, or your boss replaced your old one with a new one. You are feeling very proud and are excited about the extra storage space this desk provides. It is sparkling new and brightens your day. While you are at lunch someone comes into your office to use your printer, finding it out of ink this thoughtful person decides to do you a favour and replace the ink cartridge. In the process of taking out the old ink and putting in the new, a cartridge is placed on your brand-new desk. Oh no! Printer ink leaked all over your lacquer desk! Your kind co-worker is also honest and stays in your office until you return, leaving the two of you to puzzle over how to clean the ink off a lacquered desk. As you google it, you come across our post and suggested solutions below.

Solutions to Clean Ink Off a Lacquer Desk

As mentioned in previous posts, in removing any stain the key is to treat it immediately or as soon as you possibly can. The same goes for printer ink leaked all over your lacquer desk. Blot it out with a dry cloth first. Then try one or more of these stain remover solutions.

  1. Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Baking soda is a natural but gentle abrasive so do not rub too hard or it may create scratches. With your fingers apply the paste onto the stained area and gently rub out the stain. With a damp cloth, wipe off the baking soda paste until all residue is cleaned up.
  2. Rubbing alcohol seems to do the trick for ink stains. Be careful not to rub too fiercely as you do not want to spread the ink stain. Carefully dab at the ink with your cleaning cloth. Repeat until stain is removed.
  3. Toothpaste is another household product that works well in getting ink out. It also works like an abrasive so be careful not to press too hard on the lacquer or it may leave marks. Squeeze the toothpaste onto whatever cloth you have chosen to clean with (be it a rag, paper towel or cotton ball) and gently rub or dab at the ink blot. Again, repeat until stain is out.
  4. Yes, you read that correctly. Mayo works particularly well at getting set-in stains out. Plaster the mayo over the ink spot and leave overnight. The next day cleans the mayo up with a wet rag and repeats until the desk is clear of mayo.

We hope these ideas provide you with a solution to clean the printer ink off your desk. Good luck!


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