Canon 137 Black Friday Deal

Black Friday sale is mostly known as the day for getting the best deals for items you have been yearning for all year.  This is true if (and I stress if !!) you are able to get the items you want. But this is not always guaranteed with the physical shopping experience.   Part of the unsavoury aspect of Black Friday shopping, one that is not as publicized, are the crowds you have to face and endless trudging from one shop to the next trying to find the best deals.

There are also a lot of other horror stories associated with the on ground black Friday shopping, like the shopper who waited in the queue for hours, waiting patiently to buy the technology product she had wanted for 6 months. Still on the queue, she could see the quantity of the item drastically reducing on the shelf as the shoppers ahead of her on the queue were allowed into the shop, but she still stayed on the queue and finally got to the front of the queue and could see that there were only two products left of the item she wanted to buy. And just as she was allowed in to finally get the item, she noticed that the prior shopper that was allowed in before he was picking up the last two items of the product that the store had.

Such disappointment is not uncommon on black Friday.  But it pales in significance to the shoppers who get involved in physical altercation with other shoppers in trying to get the sought-after deals.  Shoppers have been known to end in up jail on black Friday sale on assault charges.

Early Black Friday

But all this can be avoided with online shopping.  Especially on, where from the comfort of your couch, you can get very good deals on special items from either your phone or computer. This is made extra special as is offering an early Black Friday sale from November 15 to November 23 (while stock last)

Canon 137 9435B001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge - Moustache®

Among the special Black Friday offers is the deal on the Canon 137 9435B001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge. The Canon 137 Toner is a standard yield toner cartridge with a page yield of 2400 pages.  It is a new compatible toner cartridge from moustache® with very good print quality. You will be getting this at the special discount price of $29.99 for 1/pack, $84.99 for the 3/pack, $152.99 for the 6/pack and $289.99 for the 12/pack.

The Canon 137 Toner is compatible with the following Canon Image class:

D570 , LBP151dw,  MF212w ,MF216n ,MF217w,  MF227dw , MF229dw,  MF232w , MF236N , MF244dw ,MF247dw and MF249dw.

Who says black Friday shopping has to be stressful.  Head over to for your stress-free, early Black Friday online shopping.


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