Buy a Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad and Get Free Shipping

With the new school year about to begin and a new season underway at the office, you’re probably looking for the most affordable way to stock up your office or dorm room. Students and professionals alike, you’re in luck.

The best way to save is to buy office supplies online, and it’s never been easier to find everything you want all in one place without being faced with outrageous shipping fees. Buying domestically from a proudly Canadian business helps the economy grow and ensures you won’t be hit with dreaded hidden shipping costs. We stock our online store with reputable brands at reasonable prices.


Why Buy Moustache?

The Moustache brand is beloved due to its sleek and modern aesthetic—and affordable prices. Moustache mouse pads like this non-slip anti-fray cloth pad are extremely popular with customers who spend a lot of time in front of a desktop computer, including competitive gamers, office employees, and small business owners.

Whatever you use your mouse pad for, Moustache’s products are smooth and allow for the best ease of motion. If you’re tired of your mouse constantly grating against old and worn fabric, it might be a good idea to order a replacement. Moustache mouse pads are available for only $9.99 and if you purchase one from our online store, you’ll qualify for free shipping—no matter where in Canada you live. Buying your favourite office products online saves you cash whether you’re in Saskatoon or St. John’s.


A Gaming Essential

Everyone loves a good gaming session. Unfortunately, even the pros can suffer from wrist cramp if they aren’t using the best quality products. Many gamers don’t realize just how important a good mouse pad is, but a recent article by Tech Radar emphasizes why you can’t reach victory without the best tools. There are a lot of options available for gamers, but Moustache is steadily becoming known as one of the best.

If you put a lot of time into gaming, whether as a hobby or a competitive practice, you know that a malfunctioning mouse or a sticky mouse pad can seriously disrupt your gaming experience. Whether you play on a Mac or a PC, the key to a smooth gaming experience is a solid gaming mouse pad from a reliable brand that takes the game as seriously as you do.

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