Big Gaming Mouse Pad $9.99 Free Shipping inside of Canada

First, let’s get obvious out of the way, you do not need a mouse pad to get your modern optical or laser mouse to work on your PC or Mac. Your mouse will work just on about any solid flat surface with a certain level of friction and opacity.

Free Shipping Gaming mouse pad 9.99

But you will need a mouse pad if you are concerned about your productivity (as you should be) when using a device which is used by modern office workers 80% of the time when interacting with their computers.  Even a 5% increase in productivity with a device used so commonly significantly increases the output of the users.  Such productivity gains can be achieved by using a mouse pad designed to increase your ability to direct the cursor on your screen to that exact spot you are seeking.

With a gaming mouse pad, you get a larger area of the optimized surface for your mouse, ensuring anywhere it moves on the desk you will be using a responsive surface to aid hand flicks and cursor movements.

Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface, 900mm*400mm

And you get such a wonderful productivity aid at the very low price of $9.99 when you order the Extended Large Size Gaming Mouse Pad from  Compared to similar products that sell at $25. And the $9.99 includes free shipping anywhere within Canada.

The price is not the only attraction.  The Gaming Mouse Pad comes with a steady natural base with anti-slip properties which ensures that you no longer have to deal with mouse pads that move as you move your mouse.  And its dimensions (900mm by 400mm) are big enough to also accommodate your keyboard.   And its smooth fabric type surface works with all mouse types.

Who says productivity aids need to be expensive!

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