All you Need to Know about the Best Cyber Monday 2018 Deals in Canada

It’s going to get pretty wild this Cyber Monday sales and deals will be flying at you from all directions. While it can be the best time to get scoops on all your must-have items, it’s important to know that there may be some bad deals out there and to be aware. At we pride ourselves on having been serving Canada with the best deals on all things office related for over a decade. We’ve tried, tested and loved by thousands. This coming Cyber Monday sales make sure that you shop from only reputable retailers and are satisfied that you have got the best deal possible from a retailer that you trust.

The Best Deals

Through our teams of skilled operators, we are constantly searching for the best quality products at the best prices so we can pass those savings on to you. Life is expensive enough without having to pay top dollar for office needs! So here at, we have printers at deal prices, ink cartridges from brand name suppliers with the quality to boot at prices that won’t shock your heart, we have pens, pencils, folders, mouse pads, ergonomic chairs and everything you could imagine. Of course, all of these are at the best prices and come Cyber Monday, these prices are set to get even lower! Get ready Canada, it’ll be time to scoop from your trusted office supplies company,!

Trust At

For 11 years we have been providing Canada with the best prices on all things office, accessories, tech and everything in between. We have been around for over a decade and have been used by thousands across Canada. We operate in Canada for Canadians. We have loved hearing from customers about their satisfaction levels with what they have bought at and that has kept us going in our mission to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices.

Communication at

As well as securing more and more products at low prices we have made it a priority for our customers to be able to contact us easily and without time delays.

We have live chats available.

We have regularly telephone numbers to contact.

We have emails to contact with.

We have options to contact our warehouses.

We have always sought to make sure that our customers could contact us at any time to make sure their order and product was the best it could be. Trust is very important for us at


2 comments on “All you Need to Know about the Best Cyber Monday 2018 Deals in Canada


    I am confused about how to qualify for advertised discount coupon codes. What exactly are OEM products. I tried to order original Canon Ink Cartridges and other normal, not on sale or low price price products in addition to be over $75.00 and could never qualify. What I want to know is WHAT DOES qualify? I spent a lot of time trying to add items and eventually gave up till I can call and speak to someone after the long weekend. It was a real waste of time. Why offer discounts or coupons without telling how to qualify?


      Hi Joanne
      All of our coupons do not apply to OEM, ON SALE, CLEARANCE or some LOW-PROFIT products.
      We definitely put all the condition when we promote them.
      Will you let me know where did you find the coupon and it did not tell the conditions, please?
      We will do an investigation on that channel.


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