Why you should Clean the Printhead for a Canon Inkjet Printer?

We don’t know where you’re approaching this topic from but for the average Joe the thought of having to clean the printhead for your Canon inkjet printer conjures up dark thoughts, plagued of course with deep boredom and the abyss of motivation. Regardless of whether you’ve just invested in a Canon inkjet printer all your own or the great responsibility of keeping the office machine ‘going strong’ has fallen on your poor shoulders, don’t lose hope, there is a way to keep your machine ticking along for many more moons to come without having to sacrifice your after-dinner ice cream or tot of brandy.

Quite simply, cleaning the printhead of your printer will help it to live a long prosperous life. We have to remember that we are working with our dear printer and photocopier machines like pack horses. No, pay, sometimes a decided nudge when it starts to slow down and hopefully some very needed words of encouragement. Apart from praising it on ‘come on darling, just 200 more pages of Dr. Hawking’s dissertation of everything in the universe and then you can have a rest’, we really should be looking after our machines. This way the whole printing process can remain cheap, affordable and we can keep on buying the cheap canon ink cartridges without a care in the world.

Simply allotting a few minutes to cleaning the printhead on your printer this Saturday, sandwiched between sleeping in and going to find waffles and whipped cream, is a great way to plan your weekend. Yes, it may take away time from guzzling down the third waffle topped high with strawberries and cream but you’ll be able to sleep easy at night. You’ll be able to know that whatever form the darn bank wants next, whatever copy of your resume needs to be printed, whatever treatise on the alliance between Sparta and Athens in 445 BC will be printed with ease and be in your happy hands pronto.

Essentially what cleaning the printhead means is removing the part of your printer through which the printer ink flows. Included in the printhead is a mesh area, which is there to prevent blots of ink spilling on to the paper in the printing process. Its very functionality means that from time to time it is likely that blockages of either dried ink, dust or general wear and tear may cause the mesh area to become too blocked to function properly. It doesn’t mean your machine is malfunctioning, merely that the printhead needs to be cleaned.

Click Here to see the details at length how to remove your printhead, clean it and then insert it back into your printer.

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