Which 123Ink.ca toner should you get for the HP LaserJet Pro M12w Printer?

Your HP LaserJet Pro M12w printer is capable of professional print quality and has a 266MHz processor, which shrinks the wait time between print jobs (up to 18 prints per minute). It’s also wireless and allows you to print via an ePrint app from a smartphone or tablet. The M12w is also the smallest laser printer offered by HP and delivers the same high-quality performance as larger models. If you want to know more about the printer itself, you can visit the HP official website.

Your HP LaserJet Pro M12w printer needs HP 79A CF239A toner (We know, the numbers are daunting, but fear not). There are three options of toner cartridges available for the LaserJet Pro M12w from 123ink.ca:


  HP 79A CF279A (Moustache) HP 79A CF279A (Econ Box) HP 79A CF279A (Original Box)
Page Yield 1000 pages 2000 pages 1000 pages
Cost Per Page 3 cents 2.1 cents 7.5 cents
Lifespan 2 years 4 years 2 years


1 toner cartridge 2 toner cartridges 1 toner cartridge
123Ink.ca Price $29.99 $42.99 $74.99


 Compatible HP 79A CF279A Black Toner Cartridge  Compatible HP 79A CF279A Black Toner Cartridge  HP 79A CF279A Original Black Toner Cartridge

The original toner cartridge is the most expensive to replace while including the same page yield and lifespan as the economy box and Moustache package. Nonetheless, the cost per page is over double the Moustache package and over triple the Economy box.

The Economy box boasts the best price if you’re looking for a long-term solution, giving 4 years of overall toner lifespan for the HP LaserJet Pro M12w, and giving the comfort of having a backup cartridge and 2000 pages worth of high-quality prints.

The Moustache package sacrifices .9 cents per page while matching the rest of the criteria; however, it only comes with one toner cartridge.

HP 79A CF239A toner is available in three separate options from 123Ink.ca for your convenience. Peruse the above chart and website, then decide which choice is the best for you.


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