Review Moustache HP Toner Cartridge 12A

Everyone in higher education or corporate business knows the pain of a malfunctioning printer. It sometimes seems that the times you need it most are the times you’re least likely to have compatible printer toner. Black ink or colour, you’ll inevitably need to print images or text.

There’s a reason Moustache products, including the HP Toner Cartridge 12A, are quickly becoming the preferred choice of office managers, students, and small business owners everywhere.

From their millennial-friendly branding to their sleek product design, Moustache will soon be Canada’s favourite toner cartridge providing printer ink. Black ink is classic, and if you typically print text or low-quality images, this is your best bet.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and stock your office with one of the best new products known for excellent page yield, long shelf life, and affordability, Moustache products are available in our online store right now for a lower rate than you can find in stores.


Compatibility, Capacity, and Cost Per Page

If you aren’t already sold by the cute logo, these facts about Moustache products will certainly catch your attention. They are known for their high page yield of 2000 pages and low cost per printed page. The shelf life of a Moustache toner cartridge is a full two years so you won’t need to constantly rush to reorder and restock. To most people working in a fast-paced, hectic office environment, this sounds like a dream come true.

The capacity, in addition, is standard yield, so Moustache is likely to provide you with the same yield as your previous toner cartridge at half the cost. What about compatibility? You’re in luck.

Moustache products, like the HP Toner Cartridge 12A, are compatible with other toner models, including Canon 103, Canon FX9, Canon FX10, and Canon 104.

Moustache’s compatibility with laser jet printers is very high, so if you use any model of HP LaserJet in your home or corporate office, you’ll likely find the Moustache cartridge highly compatible.

Compatible HP 12A Q2612A Black Toner Cartridge - Moustache® - 1/Pack

Easy Installation and Affordable Rates

If you’re not the technologically savvy type, Moustache products make it easy to adapt. Their products are very simple to install and most customers report finding it easy to install their cartridge after watching a simple tutorial. You can quickly learn how to get the most out of your Moustache compatible printer ink cartridge.

Moustache, most importantly, is affordable. With free or low-cost shipping across Canada, and a discount code available right now, there is no reason to hesitate on making your first purchase. Use the code INKTONER19 on any printer toner order over $19.

2 comments on “Review Moustache HP Toner Cartridge 12A

  1. W E Jarmain

    I have a HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw printer. It is quite new.
    I am a longtime user of Moustache toner cartridges (or previous printers) and have been well satisfied. Presently, I am using a CF500X Black Moustache toner cartridge. Unfortunately, the black printing is very light. HP says the problem is the fact that I am using a Non-HP cartridge.
    What do you say and what advice do you have?

  2. Michael Jackart

    Do you want the used toner cartridges for refilling?
    If so where does one send them and how?


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