Introducing The HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge

It’s surprising there aren’t more action films made about black toner because it is one sexy product and topic. Picture a debonaire tall dark and handsome fellow or a mysterious belle from the French Riviera, these stereotypes of what is ‘beautiful’ have nothing on the HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge. Simba may have captured our hearts with his defiant, “I laugh in the face of danger”, well this black toner cartridge from HP laughs in the face of the thousand plus copies of last years quarterlies that the boss wants for some reason on his desk by close of day today…Where we might sigh and inwardly clutch at the hope of going to the Bahamas, this toner is ready to copy up a storm, all reliable, competent and well, sexy. This great deal on hp toners for Canada is not something to be scoffed at. The best hp compatible toner cartridges in this toner deal are harder to find than a Vancouvian who knows how to shovel snow…

For those not in the know regarding black toner, where have you been? It’s so like #trending right now. But fine, we’ll elaborate.

Toner is this:

  • A black or coloured powder used in xerographic copying processes.
Moustache HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge

Moustache HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge

We may or may not have had to google what the xerographic copying process is but we can now assure you that toner powder in photocopier machines works differently from other printers. Essentially it is heated and reacts with the paper to create the glossy thousand copies of last year’s quarterlies that are so desperately needed. The HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge does work on many home printers, just check to see that your model matches the list of compatible printers.

It is so incredibly important that your office’s photocopier works without hassle. A Friday night should be heading out of the office, to the outside place that some people take grams of, you know, where there are fresh air and good smells and sometimes freedom. One thing Friday night should definitely not be is to be stuck trying to get eight hundred to one thousandth and one copies of next years fiscal growth indicators to print. No sir-ey. No way. So get clicking on this great deal for the new HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge because what may seem like what Ross Gellar, if he really ever got into printing and its mechanics (now that’s something we’d be interested to see), could be the difference between your view on Friday night of a photocopier machines struggling on its last breaths as it runs out of toner or you breathing in the rejuvenating smells of fresh croissants as they come out of the oven on a quiet lane in Paris. Yes indeed, those are your two options. Choose wisely. Buy the toner.

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