How to Replace Chip for Brother TN760 Toner


If you are like the typical printer user, you are surprised that there is a chip on your toner, you might even be more surprised that you need to replace the chip from the old toner to a new toner for the Brother TN760 Toner.

Surprising as this might seem, the chips on the toner are incredibly useful for letting the printer communicates with the toner and alerting the printer of status of simple but critical properties/activities of the toner such as if the toner is working properly, the level of the ink in the toner and if there are any unforeseen issues the toner is facing etc.

Moving the chip from one toner to a new toner is a critical activity that needs to be completed to successfully install the new Brother TN760 Toner.

The step below highlight how to make the chip change

  1. Before changing the chip
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the printer cover and take out the old toner together with the drum.
  • Press down on the green tab to eject the toner from the drum.
  1. The Chip Change
  • On the old toner, pick up the side of the chip from the OEM toner with a screwdriver, or preferably a tweezer.
  • Transfer the old chip from your OEM Toner. Expert tip: avoid pressing on the chip to avoid damages
  • On the new printer toner, remove the white film on the surface of the double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Insert the chip using a tweezer into the new toner and press down gently. Do not use your hands to press the chip directly
  1. After the Chip Change
    • Horizontally shake the new toner several times
    • Take away the protective plastic orange covering. Tip: do not touch the Black developer roller
    • Insert the new toner into the drum until you hear the click locking sound.
    • Install new toner with drum into the printer correctly and then close the printer
    • Then print several test pages

The video below shows the steps



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