What Does Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Mean?

Remanufactured Toner, OEM And Compatible Cartridges

Remanufactured toner, we know, a very intriguing topic but one that needs to be gotten to the bottom of! It’s quite normal to be confused about all the different terms that can be thrown around when it comes to toner. When it comes to toner itself, ay caramba, who even knows what that is? Ok, well, yes, we do because we are printing and ink nerds but we’re proud of that ok! When it comes to the different terms like remanufactured toner, OEM and compatible cartridges, we’ve got you covered.

Toner Is For Laser Printers And Photocopiers

Just as an aside, the toner is the printing substance used in laser printers and photocopiers, the way that toner gets text and images onto a page is different from regular printers, it has to do with a heat activated process. Anyway, more on that when pigs can fly.

Remanufactured Toner

Remanufactured toner is actually a really viable way to get toner, usually at a cheaper price. The process to create remanufactured toner is methodical, tested and has been around for ages.

Remanufactured toner is this:

“A remanufactured cartridge is when a manufacturer takes an original OEM cartridge, disassembles it, tests and replaces any worn parts, fills it with toner and re-assembles.”

123Ink.ca sell remanufactured toner is an option for anyone seeking to hit their budget but still be able to achieve all their printing and copying needs.

Remanufactured toner cartridges at 123Ink.ca are manufactured and assessed in either China, Malaysia or Mexico.

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